Quality assurance of Belgian certified sowing seed

Quality assurance of Belgian certified sowing seed

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Guaranteed quality of the raw material
The stock material comes from the grower or from already certified stock material.

Official inspection of the propagation
The propagation is checked by official and accredited inspectors and by the government itself.

Quality control at a recognised lab
In the presence of an inspector, samples are taken of each sorted batch whose authenticity of species, purity, germinating power and germination energy are analysed at an officially recognised laboratory.

Disinfection at the seed company
All the sowing seeds are disinfected using the most advanced equipment which allows a correct dose of the best molecules.

Certification by the government
Sowing seed is only certified if its meets the standards during both inspection in the field and in the lab.

ICQM standard
Certified sowing seed offers a conclusive answer to the ICQM (Integrated Chain and Quality Management) quality and traceability requirements. The blue label is proof that the official procedure was observed.