Traceability of Belgian certified sowing seed

Traceability of Belgian certified sowing seed

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Belgian certified sowing seed is traceable from seed propagation all the way to the finished product. Throughout the certification, the unique batch number forms the pivot of being able to guarantee traceability. After all, it provides access to the complete history of the cereal.

Official registration of the propagation fields
Each field is awarded a production number that is kept even for the sale of the seed. This production number contains information with regard to the batch number and the sowing seed used, the variety, the class, the dealer-producer and the farmer-propagator.

Registration on data sheets  
The species, variety and class of each lot of all incoming batches (single or mixed batches) are recorded on data sheets. For mixed batches, the sheets state which harvests the batches are compiled of and in what ratio. The competent government department awards the batch number and informs the inspector.

Applying the certificate at the seed companies
After drying, cleaning, sorting, disinfection and packaging, the certificate is applied. The packaging is sewn shut through the certificate. The colour of the certificate indicates the category of cereal seed. The certificate states the batch number, unique label number, species, variety, certification country, propagation country, date (year/month), dealer-producer. The label number contains data about the responsible inspector and the certification date.