Why Belgian seeds?

Why Belgian seeds?

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Successful farming starts with the best seed available: certified sowing seed. It meets the requirements of the grower with ambition and the increasing demands in the area of food safety and traceability in the production chain.

The production of Belgian certified sowing seed is fully controlled by the government. This is made clear by the official blue label stating the species, variety and batch number. This unique number provides access to the complete history of the cereal. Your Belgian supplier will be happy to tell you more about this!

30% vegetable seeds
Vegetable seeds are the primary subcategory of Belgian sowing seeds, representing 29% of the turnover. Above all made up of leek, tomato, lettuce, Belgian endive and different types of cabbage. In addition, Belgian suppliers also offer the seeds of corn (23%), cereals (12%, above all wheat), sugar beet (12%) and grasses (15%).

140 million euro turnover
The Belgian seed sector books a stable turnover, worth 140 million euros in 2017.

30 companies
The Belgian seed sector comprises 30 companies of very different types and structures. About half the companies are part of an international seed company. The other half are local companies. The major seed multinationals are also prominently represented on the Belgian market.